REVIEW: “Amy” Gives New Brightness To A Fallen Star

I was in London when Amy Winehouse died. The newspapers trumpeted her death, as well as all of her sordid history. Her struggles with addiction were, though, pretty much all I had known about her, due to my exposure to her only through her 2006 hit “Rehab.”

This documentary rewrites that story. From its opening scene, featuring a 14-year-old Winehouse (sans eyeliner!) singing “Happy Birthday” to her friend, it’s apparent that this film does not want to take the well-trodden path when it comes to biographing Ms. Winehouse. Instead, it shows us the vivacious, soulful, troubled woman she was.

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ESSAY: “Every Single Word” — Hollywood Has A Race Problem (But You Already Knew That, Right?)

(Header image chosen as a particularly clear example.)

So, Hollywood has a problem when it comes to depicting racial minorities in movies. The problem being, they don’t. Here’s a quick breakdown: Continue reading “ESSAY: “Every Single Word” — Hollywood Has A Race Problem (But You Already Knew That, Right?)”

ESSAY: “Game of Thrones,” “Hannibal,” and Hot vs Cold Violence

I know, technically these are TV shows, but this article has been bouncing around in my head for a while now. With Game of Thrones just wrapping up its most recent season (so expect some spoilers in this article), and Hannibal in its newest (and last, unfortunately), it seemed like an appropriate time.

So, Hannibal. It’s interesting, because whenever I mention that I watch the show, someone invariably asks me how I can stomach how violent it is, or how gory the deaths are. Yet, no one asks me the same when I bring up GoT. But when it comes down to the shows themselves, I find GoT much more difficult to stomach than Hannibal. And the difference lies in how the violence is presented.

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