TRAILER: “Captain America: Civil War”

*trying to be chill* watches trailer *trying to be chill* reading theories *trying to be chill* 

OK, yeah, I am 100% not chill about this trailer. Still, I’m going to try to take a scene-by-scene breakdown of this baby. Let’s do this.

  1. This is the same scene from the end of Ant-Man. Bucky’s arm is trapped in some sort of vise, and he’s being rescued? confronted? by Sam and Steve. Seriously, if this is their first reunion scene since “the end of the line” on the flaming, falling Helicarrier, it’s a crazy one. Bucky doesn’t just remember him—oh, no, he remembers the intimate details of his life. The things they don’t put in history books. It’s real. (Also, Sam’s side-eye at 00:12 is of epic “you didn’t mention you epic (b)romance buddy from the 40s” proportions.)
  2. That explosions. Judging from the inclusion of Crossbones and Black Panther in this film, I’m guessing it’s a higher-up from Wakanda. Maybe T’Challa’s father? It wasn’t Bucky, given the “I don’t do that anymore,” but evidently someone wants the world to think it was. Possibly Crossbones. Is Bucky gonna end up running from suspicions of multinational terrorism?
  3. “While a great many people see you as a hero, there are some, who prefer the word vigilante.” Isn’t that literally what they’ve been paying him to do since the 1940s? Running off and doing dangerous missions no one else wants to or is capable of doing?
  4. 00:50 — Steve “When Will My Husband Return From The War” Rogers, Nicholas Sparks heroine.
  5. “I know how much Bucky means to you.” Do you, Natasha? Do you really?
  6. SHIELD is carting off Ant-Man’s suit at 1:19, right after Cap’s shielf. No wonder he ends up on Cap’s side.
  7. “Sometimes I wanna punch you in your perfect teeth.” Oh no, Tony, you’re wearing a three-piece suit… Didn’t anyone ever tell you that only villains wear those?
  8. 1:35 — Falcon being a boss. CA:TWS didn’t really show off his skills, so I hope we get to see a lot more of his aerial acrobatics in CA:CW.
  9. The Africa symbol on the building and police(?) car support the whole Wakanda-bombing-Bucky-blaming situation theory.
  10. Speaking of, between the kick-to-Bucky’s-face at 1:48 and outrunning Cap at 1:51, Black Panther’s shaping up to be extremely powerful. Can’t wait to see more of him!
  11. And speaking of superpowered, Steve is literally holding down a helicopter at 1:52. He’s definitely much more of the Ultimate (has superhuman abilities) than the 616 (peak human form) version.
  12. Really hoping that Bucky’s isn’t mouthing “Steve’s dead!” at 1:54-1:56. Because we all know what happens in the comics
  13. Major kudos to RDJ for the acting in the “So was I” scene at 2:04-2:05. His eyes are subtly concerned (see the furrowed brow) but also
  14. Now, that beat-down from 2:07 onward. After CA:TWS, and now this, the Russo brothers have proven that they know how to choreograph a hand-to-hand combat scene. My hopes are high.

When you think about the past several Avengers-verse films, the breakdown of the teams actually makes more sense than it does on first view.

Team Iron Man = people who don’t trust individual actors. We have:

  • Tony Stark — impulsive actions directly led to the entirety of AoU
  • Rhodey — Tony’s best friend
  • Black Panther — father(?) is, most likely, killed and the whole thing is blamed on Bucky
  • Black Widow — though she’s much closer to Steve as a person, the whole CA:TWS Hydra mess probably left her trusting no one, so I can see why she’d want some more oversight
  • Vision — actually, no, I don’t know why he’s here (maybe the rumored double agent?)

And over on Team Cap, we have everyone who wants, for some personal reason, freedom and privacy:

  • Steve Rogers — putting aside the entirety of Bucky Barnes, he was never in favor of government preemptive actions, and CA:TWS definitely didn’t do anything to change that
  • Bucky Barnes — should be, at this point, 100% self-explanatory
  • Falcon — Steve’s right-hand man, who saw the whole SHIELD/HYDRA mess go down
  • Hawkeye — as of AoU, he has a super-secret family, and registration/government intervention probably would put them at risk
  • Ant-Man — not only was an institution directly behind the Yellowjacket incident, but he has family too (see above Hawkeye commentary)
  • Sharon Carter — maybe out of loyalty to Peggy? and she was also personally mixed up in the HYDRA mess
  • Scarlet Witch — though she had her tense alliance with the Avengers in AoU, I doubt she trusts Tony Stark very much, and her mind-control powers might be linked to Bucky’s recovery?

I am so incredibly excited for this film, guys. Broken, messy characters are my favorite, so obviously Bucky Barnes is my favorite character in the entire MCU right now. He and Steve’s… whatever it is has been given a good deal of emotional justice over the past two films, and I’m excited to see him with even more screen time and a much, much bigger role. Honestly, I could write on and on about how these two boys are so flagrantly soulmates, but I’m not sure I could keep it calm and rational. So I’m going to use a quote here:

“Yet if Bucky Barnes were a woman, this would be a love story, played out with all the same narrative beats. If Peggy were the brainwashed assassin kept frozen through the decades, this movie would definitely end in a kiss. Everything about the love, pain, and intimacy of the Steve/Bucky relationship on the big screen is typical of a romance, and that’s something fans are right to respond to — something the filmmakers may even be playing into, though surely not with any formal sign-off from Disney.” (Andrew Wheeler, “Super: The Gayest ‘Stucky’ Moments in the ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer“)

Until next time, Marvel. Don’t you dare disappoint.



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