WHAT I WATCHED, part 1: in theatres

It’s been a busy summer, but thankfully I’ve been able to see a solid handful of movies in theaters. Still, not all of them earned full reviews. So I thought I’d look back at everything I sat down to watch properly over the past few months.

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Study Soundtracks

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted here — since back-to-school all those weeks ago, I haven’t had a chance to sit down and watch new movies yet. (But I will! Spectre‘s on deck for the next post.)

Anyway, in honor of midterms this week, I’ve decided to share my favorite study mix, which is entirely soundtracks, and take you track by track. If you just want to listen to the mix, it’s at the bottom of the post.

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5 Most Aesthetically Pleasing Movies

Hey everyone! I’ve decided to start this blog for my musings about movies (and, on occasion, TV). And for my first post, I wanted to talk about that quality that so many of my favorite movies have — visual appeal. I love a director with a unique eye—Sofia Coppola’s languid, low-contrast femininity, Wes Anderson’s sharp right angles, Joe Wright’s lavish period pieces. For me, a film is as much about the visual sensory experience as it is about the plot.

Not quite cinematography, and more than just production design, what makes a film visually/aesthetically stunning is hard to pin down. It’s a combination of color, framing, visual complexity, and a little dose of movie magic. In no particular order, here are five films that most take my breath away. Continue reading “5 Most Aesthetically Pleasing Movies”